PingPong Root Method Update Now Includes SuperSU


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Oct 6, 2011
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Yesterday we talked about a root method which roots the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge without tripping knox. The only problem with this app is that it installs the Chinese app KingUser which may well be safe, but is kind of shady. Keen Team has updated their Ping Pong root app to now include SuperSU.

If you have already rooted your Galaxy S6 with PingPong you will need to fully unroot by going into the KingUser app settings, Root authorization settings, Remove Root Permissions, then click to remove root permissions. Then uninstall the KingUser app. Next download the latest version of the PingPong app, open the app it will automatically install SuperSU. Open SuperSU to activate it. It will then exit and bring you back to PingPong. Click "Download Data" then click "Get Root". When finished it will tell you to reboot. Reboot the phone and enjoy root with the non shady SuperSU!

via XDA
Great news. Always a bit apprehensive about products coming out of China anymore. I know, it's discriminatory but I'm not discriminating against those who are Chinese, just some things produced in China.
I wish they would come up with an easy root like this for the Note 3 on lollipop. I'm still running kitkat because I'm leary of rooting lollipop...and apprehesive of losing app progress upon restoring.
Now that there's a root method for the GS6, it has been included in my list of devices I might buy.