Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge OTA OE2 Root Method!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The PingPong root thread over at XDA has a big red warning at the top of the page which states anything with a kernel built after May 15th has the bug patch that enables the Ping Pong Root method. Team Keen goes on to say that going forward the best way to take your updates and maintain root will probably be by using Flash Fire. Developer "Trailblazer101" has done a full tear down and rebuild of the OE2 OTA update and has repatched it back together in the form of a Flash Fire flashable rom.

This rom is a slightly cleaned up version of stock OE2. The big benefit here is that it comes fully rooted. The install is a two part method. You will first flash the rom. Then immediately after flashing the rom with Flash Fire you will need to boot into download mode (before booting into the rom) and flash a special Odin package. This includes the modem/recovery/boot/cm/sboot which has been updated. When you are all finished you will be on the latest version of Android for the Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge and you will be rooted.

You will want to update to OE2. It includes tons of bug fixes. One of the biggest fixes is the fix for auto rotate. The update changes the sensor used for auto rotate since the accelerometer is fried on many devices.