Today's Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge OF1 5.0.2 Update Kills Root!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Well the perfect storm of events led me to do something that I never would have otherwise done, take an update that kills root! I am normally the one letting you guys know not to take these sorts of updates that are only meant to disable your root access, but I unluckily became the guy that did just that this AM. I was running the Trailblazer OE2 rom on my Galaxy S6 Edge and when my phone died last night I plugged it in. A few hours later I went to turn on my phone and it would not boot. It was stuck in a bootloop. So I did what any good modder would do. I flashed the Odin file unbricking my device.

So I had a stock unrooted Galaxy S6 Edge. I had some issues with Odin so it got pretty late. I set my phone down and picked it back up this morning. There was a notification for an OTA update. I was thinking, "Yea ok that is for OE2 which I know to be rootable". Without giving it much more thought I oked the update. Once it finished it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had already accepted the OE2 update last night when I was half asleep this must be a new update! I instantly looked at my software information and found that I was running OF1. Upon further investigation I found out that this update does kill root and may patch up the exploit that Ping Pong was using to gain root.

My hope is that the developer of Ping Pong will get his hands on this update quickly to let us know whether or not his method will work. Until then you can try to Odin back to a rootable version which is what I will do later. As far as changes I have have not seen any other than the loss of root.


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Jul 18, 2015
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Can u let me know when there's a way to root the verizon s6 edge with the of1