No Hold in Kangerade 5.0.9?


Dec 22, 2009
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I was looking through the 2.2 manual that was posted on the main page to try to learn some more about 2.2 and came to the section on placing calls on hold. I hadn't remembered seeing this on my phone (running Kangerade 5.0.9).

The screenshot in the manual shows the phone in a single call (in other words, NOT in a merged or conference call) with a hold/unhold button in the upper left hand corner. It doesn't say anything about 'you have to be on multiple calls for this to work' or anything like that..

So, I picked up my landline phone and called my Droid. I have no such button. Is it something I have to enable somewhere? Is it just a feature not enabled in this ROM? Does anyone else using 5.0.9 have the ability to put a call on hold?

Just wondering...