Jawbone Icon no lithium support?


Apr 19, 2010
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Ok first thanks all who brought this to us it is great.I have a question about Bluetooth.Ok I have a jawbone ICON and I noticed it has lost caller id and a my favorite number app.I am not sure if it has anything to do with the rom.It use to say the number of the caller now it just beeps when a call comes in.Also the app for it of favorite number you push and hold and it dials a pre saved number.Also press the button twice and it redials last number.I also am using the watermark'd theme perhaps it has an issue.Maybe it has nothing to do with any of this just wondered if anyone is seeing this at all.thanks again.

I posted this earlier and since have done some testing.Lithium seems to cancel all the icons apps to the point of caller ID is gone,The dial favorite is gone,the redial is gone.I went back to a nandroid back up of kangerade 5.0.9 and all these features worked again.I used the pre release of lithium and it also does not work.Any idea if this could be fixed or does a Dev need to look into it?Thanks

think I fixed it.See how long it lasts.turned off and on unpaired then paired it again.
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