Nielsen Ratings Show Android Now Ahead of Apple and RIM in U.S.


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Dec 30, 2010
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New data from market research firm Nielsen Company shows Android has pulled slightly ahead of RIM and Apple in market-share among none-paid subscribers in the United States. Android is sitting at 29%, while Apple and RIM are just below at 27%.

The report indicates that a higher percentage of Android users fall into a younger age group than on RIM and Apple. This comes as no real surprise as the BlackBerry isn't as appealing to the younger generation, and the iPhone is a bit pricier than the multiple Android offerings. Furthermore, the open-nature and 'cool' factor on the Android was sure to contribute to this.

Interestingly, the report also breaks down Android into it's multiple manufacturers. HTC takes the 'lion's share' with 12%, Motorola 10%, Samsung a paltry 5%, and everyone else rounding out the final 2%.

Source: via AndroidPolice and TechCrunch