Nexus Protect Plans Are Now Available on Project Fi as Well


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Dec 30, 2010
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When Google first launched their awesome Nexus Protect "insurance" for warranty repairs and accidents with Nexus devices, the only way you could get it was through the Google Play Store. This left folks who were early adopters of Google's Project Fi MVNO cellular service stuck without a protection plan on devices purchased through that service. Luckily they have seen the error of their ways on this oversight.

You can now purchase the Nexus Protect accidental protection plan directly on the Project Fi website when you get a device there. Here's a quote with the details,

"That has now changed with Project Fi buyers having the chance to purchase the Nexus Protect plan. When purchased via Project Fi buyers get coverage against accidental damage such as broken screens and mechanical breakdown for $5 per month.

Nexus 6P buyers will pay a $99 deductible for repairs or replacements. Nexus 5X owners will need to cough up $69 if they break the device. The Nexus Protect plan itself is a monthly charge of $5 and it seems it stays in effect as long as you pay your monthly fee.

Normally you only have 30 days to decide to buy the protection plan, but Google is dong something cool for previous buyers via Project Fi. Since the plans weren't available until now, customers who purchased their device via Project Fi all the way back to launch can buy the protection plan right now." ~ SlashGear

It's great to see that Google is even taking care of early adopters of Project Fi who were not able to take advantage of the Nexus Protect previously.
Trying to decide whether to get phone insurance on my 6P.
I think "potentially" the best insurance you could get would be buying your device through best buy.

Potentially because you have a brick and mortar and they cover everything but like with insurance, if you don't use it you make them rich.

It's when you go without insurance to save money do you have the "ole crap" moment when your phone jumps out of your hand.

Peace of mind: is it worth it to pay some company 120+ for a piece of mind on a device you paid 700+ for?

For some no.
Others yes

Funny how the people who never used insurance on a phone ever are the people who buy insurance and cases and the people who always drop and break their phones don't. That is the gamble insurance companies make and they are winning big.

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