Nexus 6P Review Compilation

I haven't seen many comments about the glass covering the camera. I wonder if that can/may get smudgy(that even a word?).
It's Gorilla Glass 4, so I would assume it's like any other lens on any other phone. You have the chance of leaving a fingerprint on it and messing up shots. I fix that issue with a wipe on my tshirt as well on every phone I've had.

I didn't realize Spigen finally released one, I was worried about that. Will order me one of those clear ones too.
They've got a 2. A clear one and a "Rugged" black one. If you buy either, go through Amazon. The clear one is $11 cheaper there than on Spigen's official site and the black one is a couple $ cheaper.
The back camera is GG4 as well?