Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Pass Through FCC with Support for All US Carriers (Including Verizon)


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Dec 30, 2010
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It will be hard to top that big Nexus image and specs leak that @DroidModderX shared with us over the weekend (from AndroidPolice), but we can at least add to it. The Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P have both passed through their US FCC testing, and the best part is, they have built-in support for all the US carriers, including Verizon!

Yep, Nexus fans who are on Big Red don't have to feel left out in the cold in anymore. The new Nexus devices are coming to you! Of course, there is no confirmation that Verizon will specifically carry either device, but it means that if you purchase your Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P elsewhere, they won't be stopping you from using it on their network.

The Nexus 5X North American version is model LG-H790, while it's international version, (which lacks the CDMA radio), is model LG-H791. For the Nexus 6P we have the Huawei H1511 for North America, and the Huawei H1512 elsewhere.

Just to reiterate, the leaked specs for both of these devices turned out to be very accurate, although one other juicy tidbit seemed to pop-up. Supposedly, the Nexus 6P might actually have a micro SD card slot. Google's big event is tomorrow (September 29th at 11AM CT/ 12PM ET / 9AM PT), so we will find out for sure then.

Don't forget to drop by our dedicated sections for both of these devices for further discussion:
Is it just me or is that an odd spot for a fingerprint reader? I love the look of that Huawei.
I wonder if VZW will struggle getting these on their network as well?

When I had a minor hiccup using my N6 on Verizon I filed an FCC complaint and actually got a call from someone at Verizon. To date this is the best explanation I've received regarding the difficulties some people are having using unlocked devices on their network.

He explained that, "...from the beginning Verizon's system for using outside phones on it's network was built on the premise of EXCLUDING devices not sold by us." And he explained that for essentially the first time they are trying to open those doors and there will be some errors and educating their personnel will take a little time. And he apologized. I appreciated that. Needless to say I'm still experimenting with project Fi.
I read elsewhere this morning that the 5X is strongly rumored to be available for pre-order tomorrow.

The bigger rumor/news, that is also believed to be quite accurate is that Google will ONLY be selling both devices online. None are rumored to on the shelf in ANY carrier's stores.

With Moto and Apple going similar routes, this kinda makes sense to me. I know Apple is still selling theirs at brick-and-mortar and carrier stores and Moto's are available AT Best Buy if you don't customize, but I think we're seeing the start of a trend here that I don't think is a bad one now that carriers are moving further away from subsidies, even if they're not completely killing them.
Very excited that these will be available for use on all carriers. I am interested in the 6P, as I have not owned a Nexus device since the Galaxy Nexus, which I loved to death. Really hoping now that the pricing on it is competitive.
5X is rumored to start at $379 for 16GB model.

Oh boy...that's pretty steep for the lower-end of the two models. Looks like I might be sticking to the Moto X.
6p, according to a rumor posted in another thread here starts at $499

Yeah, I just read that on DroidLife, and that's actually not too bad, to be honest. I could probably swing that. Plus, I am interested in hopping on Project Fi, when and if I get an invite. And Google will likely support their new Nexus devices before they support the Moto X.
6P probably for me, despite me liking the look of the 5X better.

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