Google Advertises Nexus 5X and 6P on PrimeTime TV


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's a first. Google has actually started advertising the new Nexus 5X and 6P on prime-time television. While Google has run a few ads regarding Android (and other products) on TV before, they have never really advertised the Nexus line on that medium.

These new ads are specifically designed to drive sales of the two new Nexus devices, and have even aired them during prime-time slots (like during NFL Football games). It's a bit exciting to see Google earmark some of their advertising budget to pushing their latest Nexus devices. It has us wondering why they never did it before. What do you folks think?

You can check out both video ads in the thread below. Also, don't forget to drop by our dedicated sections for further discussion.
Here are those videos:

5X yes, 6P no. I have yet to see a 6P commercial. Tons of 5X ones though.
5X yes, 6P no. I have yet to see a 6P commercial. Tons of 5X ones though.
Yep, saw a couple of the 5X ones yesterday but have yet to see one for the 6P.
I didn't realize they were Nexus commercials, I was mocking the music as I was playing games on my computer and I looked over the third time I heard it and said oh, they're Nexus commercials. My wife promptly made sure I knew how observant I am.

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Like others, I haven't seen the one for the 6P on TV, but we did see the one for the 5x as we fast forwarded through commercials this weekend.
I thought they did a decent job on both of them. I would have liked to have seen a bit more about the meat and potatoes, but I guess you are limited by time.
That was the "meat & potatoes". I think it's because we're so used to Samsung, LG, Apple etc showing off their feature rich devices. Nexus can't really advertise in the same manner as the other guys.

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