Nexus 5X & Nexus 6P Let You Activate Camera with Double-tap on Power Button or Double Twist of Wrist


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Dec 30, 2010
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Update: According to multiple sources across the web, it looks like the double-twist to activate feature for the camera on both of these phones will be dropped. At the time of this post yesterday, that was not the case, but things shift quickly in this industry. We aren't sure why Google is dropping the feature, but we will keep an eye out if this news changes. Sorry for the correction.

One of the best new features for both the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P didn't get a great deal of press time. Both devices have a handy and quick way for you to activate the camera without having to fumble around with opening up the OS and missing your shot of that funny moment so you can embarrass your friends forever.

One of these methods is the double-tap on power button. This one was shared during the press event, but still didn't get talked about much afterward. The second method didn't really get any "screen time." Just like with some Motorola devices, you can now activate the camera on the Nexus 5X and/or 6P with a double-twist of the wrist.

Either method will actually turn on the device and open up the camera app immediately so you can be quick on the draw for that perfect Kodak moment. Nice!

Both of these options can be found in the Display setting on their respective devices. Here's our dedicated section for both of these devices:
Source: AndroidPolice
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I really like this, quick launching the camera saves so many missed opportunities. Good to see this feature.

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I'm glad the double twist is on it. I would have missed that from my Moto.
I thought the power button thing was a good enough measure, but I'm glad to see the flick of the wrist coming as well.

That feature and the chop for flashlight were 2 things on the Moto X Pure that I was sorry I was going to miss out on when it didn't work out that I could get that device.

Having one of the 2 features and a legit Nexus device with fingerprint scanner that seems to be leaps and bounds above my Note 4's is great for me.
Aw man. I guess as long as there is some kind of quick launch feature, I'm happy.

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Double twist > double tap. Is Google afraid of infringing Motorola patent there?
Seems pretty motoesque there..doesn't it?
Yeah, but Google owned them for a minute. They kept ambient display or notifications or whatever the black screen with white info is called.