NewsAce Video News Reader(RSS) v.1.1.0


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Mar 4, 2012
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NewsAce is an enjoyable Video News Player with preset video news channels.
NewsAce - Video News Player(RSS)
Have you ever imagined having a real life version of the Harry Potter newspaper, The Daily Prophet? Like its magical counterpart, NewsAce brings its content to life with its embedded video playing feature.
NewsAce’s Recommended Section comes packed with 60 High Quality Content Channels so that you can enjoy your news right away!
In the user subscription section, you can select news feeds from your Google Reader account and add them to your collection by dragging them down from your top console.
Have a fun while discovering your news
• Daily Prophet : Like the newspaper in the Harry potter movie, videos play from within the newspaper.
• Video news play : Video in the feeds play directly within the app
• 400+ recommended News channels : Renowned News and video news feeds are categorized and provided in the recommended section
• Integration with Google Reader : NewsAce allows you to select the feeds from Google Reader(RSS) selection by dragging down from the console.
• Gesture navigation : By swiping left or right, you can easily switch from NewsAce’s recommended video selections to your Google Reader selections and vice versa.
• Discover feeds : Get recommendations and search feeds.
• Podcast player : Podcast channel and player are integrated.
• Etc features : View it later(offline sync), Share, Starred features
** Preset video channels + 400 channels(including Podcast)
AFP, Animal Planet, Apple, Armada Music, BeautyTV, Billboard,, CBS Sports, Associated Press, Youtube, ESPN, Reuters, Android Central, Chow, Cnet TV, CNN, CNN Money, College Humor, CSPAN, Daily App Show, DigInfo News, Drama fever, Discovery Channel, DSLR Cinema, EA Sports SSX, FILM is NOW, Food Wishes, Forbes, FOX News, Gamespot, Google, HD Extreme Sports, Hollywood, IGN, Jorrik’s Supercar, Machinima, Music Videograph, National Parks HD, National Geographic, NY Times, Pavel Badzhakov, RedBull, storyful, The Onion, The Verge, TED, Mashable, Movieclips, HD car videos, TLC, TopGear, Universal Sports, Viral Video chart, Warner Bros, Watch mojo, World HD, WSJ, Youtube, Trailers, Vimeo
[Ver 1.0.09]
- Updated to scroll smoothly in Main UI
- Updated to play video continuously in full video view & Simple mode in ArticleView
- Fixed bug in Download mode setting
- Fixed bug in multi login functionality
- Supports Korean language & channels