Newly Rooted, looking to CM9...need a little help, cwm and bootstrap recovery.


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Jan 11, 2011
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so, i have been pressing the delay update (instal later) option for weeks, and finally decided to (re)take the plunge and root. I have been considering it for a while, and finally gave in. anyway, i have installed roms in the past, (about a year ago now) i installed fission and was familiar with what needed to be done.

Here is where i am fuzzy, in the cm9 instructions it tells you to do adb push for the bootstrap recovery. it keeps failing for me (fails to push because permission denied), which makes me think, is it necessary to do it this way...way back when i just copied the apk to the phone and clicked on it in a file explorer to install bootstrap recovery and that was it. so, once i get to the recovery i know what i am doing. but installing it seems to be the problem.

anyone have a good (easy) guide on what needs to be done. i am computer literate, just nothing i tried seemed to get it on there. (to answer the standard questions, yes i have been googling/searching, to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

Quoting the CM9 thread's original post:
Install Instructions:
Reboot into CWM
Wipe data
Flash CM9-D2G-< date >.zip
Repeat for Gapps (if you don't, you can't access your Google accounts or Market)
After ROM loads, if you see 'Activate your phone', press 'Skip' (this is for VZ activation, which you don't need).
Click OK if you see the pop up warning

Quoting the wiki, I've altered the instructions to fit CM9 (since usually it's a challenging task):
  1. Install Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrap and, via that application, install ClockworkMod recovery.
  2. Download a CM9 build and the ICS Google Apps package (gapps); place them onto your SD card.
  3. Reboot the phone into ClockworkMod Recovery.
    1. Perform factory reset.
    2. Install CM9.
    3. Install Google Apps.
    4. Reboot.
The phone should boot into CyanogenMod.

Please do inform which exact steps from either of these two guides are challenging for you.
Sorry for not being more clear, it was 5 am and i had spent a couple hours trying to figure it out...i was trying to install the free version. i know its only 3$ but more than anything, it has tested my patience. any way to go about doing that now or should i just bite the bullet and get the paid version?
Installing the free version is about downloading it to your device and tapping it in the stock Files app.
and thats how it used to be, why would all the guides online say you need to use the android sdk and push it with adb? ok thanks tried it and installed it no problem, now onto the cm9. thanks~!w
You can use adb.

“adb install package.apk” installs the package that's stored on your PC. Let's say you have Droid2Bootstrap.apk in D:\android\apps, and adb is in C:\AndroidSDK\platform-tools. You start cmd.exe (Windows command prompt) and do
cd \AndroidSDK\platform-tools
adb install D:\android\apps\Droid2Bootstrap.apk
You don't need “adb push” for that; the “push” command is used to copy the file somewhere inside your device.
yeah, i see that now...eventually i will try this again, was wondering why the guide was like that. thank you for your help, cm9 is running nice!