new to the root world bought a phone with bammf custom rom and some tips plz


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Feb 26, 2012
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hello yall names steven and new to the smart phone world and even the root world i had a htc merge tryed to root it and put a rom on it and bricked it so found a thunderbolt and im thankful for it bricking lmao any who im running sence 3.5 battery just sucks i git on it at 5 am and check fb and stuff and by 12 1 i have to charge it seen some outhers on diff web sites the cube is better or even a diff rom but heck just wanted to see if i can git some tips and tricks to help me out thanks for reading yall
First off, ditch Sense 3.5 because it creates sd card problems for everyone that doesn't exist with prior versions of Sense. None of those issues exist with prior versions of Sense. As for the battery life, you can improve that regardless of the ROM you choose with applications on the market like Easy Battery Saver.
I'll get a little more technical in the next response, but I'd recommend dropping Son of a Bliss (BAMF's Sense 3.5) and check out SkyRaider Zeus 1.3.
What do you want out of your ROM?

For Speed: Consider AOSP based ROMs like Liquid Smooth, or BAMF Mini
For HTC only related Widget/Services/Apps: Consider Sense based ROMs like BAMF Forever, or SkyRaider Zeus
For battery life: I'd probably also say consider using Liquid Smooth or BAMF Mini.

I use SkyRaider Zeus because it offers me the best of both Sense and AOSP based ROMs.
well dam

I ran a few diff roms and button runs like the 3.5 the text pad dems bright smoothly and just good sucks any who so SkyRaider Zeus ill give em a try
I'm running BAMF Forever 1.0.7 on my Thunderbolt and very happy with performance and battery life
I'm running Gingeritis 3d, it's good, but it's the only one I've tried, so I have no basis for comparison.
I usually get around 10-12 hours on the stock battery.

I suggest running to a Verizon store and picking up a stock Rezound Battery, they have been on sale for 1/2 price for a long time. It'll give you about 15% more battery and still utilizes the stock back cover.
With that battery and Gingeritis, I usually get about 14-16 hours. (although recently I've been getting 10 hours, and not sure why, gonna check if my daughter or me changed something in my settings.) If I just have the phone in my pocket, with very little use, I have gotten 20hrs with the Rezound Battery and I stretched the extended battery to 45 hours with light to moderate use.

I think you'll like your rooted Thunderbolt, I actually retired my Thunderbolt, but after rooting it, I now use it as my primary phone. (tried a Bionic and Stratosphere in the interim)

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SkyRaider Zeus 1.3 and my Rezound standard battery usually gives me a full day plus under light use and 16 to 18 hours under moderate use.