new to the razr maxx HD.... is there anything that i should know?


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Oct 13, 2013
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greetings programs! i've lurked the forums here and there over the last year as i finally entered the realm of computerphones with a droid razr maxx (technically after a ~2 month spell with a mere droid razr) and looked forward to a nice ~3 year run with those 1.5ghz dual core processors kicking out the JAMs alongside a very impressive 24gb of storage space (16 internal / 8 SD) and rah rah rah. i used to be avowedly against the computerization of telephones, you know, taking a simple utility like a phone and merging it with a mp3 player / camera / etc into what i like to call a digital candy bar, but after getting a razr maxx i changed my tune. i love the thing.

however, the micro USB port crapped out on it. go figure that despite a year and a half of babying the thing and doing everything in my power to keep it in pristine condition a little 10 cent micro USB port could singlehandedly crush my dreams of that 3+ year run.

SOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH GUYS, long story short (the antithesis of me) i'm due to have a razr maxx HD show up on monday to replace my trusty ol razr maxx. i wanted to ask about the build quality of the phone, namely is it renown for having the same kind of problems with its micro USB slot? i notice that they moved the location of the micro USB slot from the top of the phone to the side of it, and methinks this has to at least be partially due to the kind of problems that i've been experiencing with my maxx. the side is a more relatively secluded location, as being up top invites that much more dust dirt and god knows what else pops up along the route of regular usage.

i know there's some minor aesthetic changes between the maxx and maxxHD, for example the 4 buttons just below the screen are now 3 buttons that are digitally part of the screen.... and i know under the hood they changed processors (going from something like 1.2ghz to 1.5ghz) and likely updated the radio and perhaps even the ram, threw in some more storage space.... but that's stuff meant for a sales brochure... in the real world is there any big tangible difference between the two phones?

and the main reason i made this thread.... are there any known technical problems with the maxx HD that i should watch out for? does this USB port crap out like the original maxx? how's the headphone jack on the maxx HD? (i ask cuz the maxx had a gold-plated one that's done a great job of not pulling a sony on me and starting to deliver sound to only one ear at a time)

and ummm..... yeah what's a good battery diagnostic tool to check out? you know, something that might be able to tell me which synced/apps are eating away at the battery.... and uhhh yeah if any of you seasoned razr maxx HDers have any advice for someone who's essentially in the same parish but a different church (going from a maxx to a maxx HD) then i'd be much obliged cuz like, yeah, idk if they're gonna stick me with a refurbished one and especially if they do, i wanna make sure i can take extra steps early and often in order to prolong the life of this phone.

i envisioned that ~3 year run with my maxx, and i would have made it there if the usb port did. now when i get this phone i'm envisioning the same 3/+ years, hell maybe even 4..... i know that motorola is capable of making products that stand up to the test of time, so the question is... does this one?

also, like, yeah i kind of went into storytime earlier telling the **enthralling** tale of my old phone and vzw customer support and etc..... so while i dont think its without merit, i could also picture getting 0 responses if i put all of that personal narrative crap in front of the meat-n-potatoes of my post, so i have tossed it below the ----- marker down there. woe to all who enter there, real talk! =D


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the trouble in paradise was that as time wore on, i noticed that my charger cable started to get a lil janky. i replaced the cable and rocked on. then even with the new deeee-luxe light up verizon-branded charger/cord i started having odd things happen, like i'd plug it in to charge at 15% and check back a few hours to find my phone off with 0% charge. then it'd take like ~2-3 minutes to get the cord just right so it actually charges. then ~90% of charging became zombie charging if not active anti-charging, so yeah, basically the micro USB port was failing quickly and i was left with little recourse.

fortunately, i've got verizon and i pay for the phone insurance with them so i gave them a jingle. it turns out that i've also got a manufacturer's warranty still on this so i'm eligible to have the phone replaced for no cost unless their forensic experts determine that the phone's failure was due to my negligence. groovy. there's only one slight problem.... * keyboard clanking on their end of the phone * "we don't have any droid razr maxxes that we could send out to you, so we're going to have to send you a droid razr hd; is that OK?"

no ma'am, that's not ok. (keep in mind that i was very polite, personable, and attemptedly hilarious throughout this convo. you always wanna be the cool guy on the phone w/vzw cust service chicks so they're willing to go to bat for you) -- i explained to her the horror stories of always carrying around a charger/cord and having to find outlets wherever i went, whether it was starbucks or the bar.... i was always ~2-3 hours away from being at 30% or lower battery, and that was without using the mp3 player or watching videos or anything. i said if they're willing to give me a razr HD to replace a razr maxx, well crap the maxx only costs $50-100 more than the HD at the store, so upcharge me the price difference between the HD and maxx HD and i'm good to go. after summore keyboard clanking she put me on hold for a few minutes, presumably to check with a supervisor.... cuz she came back saying that they were sending me a razr maxx HD free of charge and with free overnight shipping to boot. BLAM. so of course when she made the cheeky suggestion that my old case and screen protectors won't work with the HD model, i took the cue and had them toss on $20 worth of protective gear as a way of saying thanks.


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Jan 25, 2013
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Gsam is always a good way to go to check whats eating your battery. You should be pleased with battery life as well.

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Mar 18, 2012
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had the maxx for about 6 months then upgraded to the HD... build quality is top notch, its a noticeable upgrade over the maxx... videos are definitely sharper and the lag is much much less imo... my coworker still has the maxx and sometimes when I use his its like I'm in a slow motion time warp compared to the should be pleased with the differences...

I only have 2 issues with this phone...sometimes wifi drops randomly since the 4.1.2 update (and its not my router, it does it at work too) and lately when I try to transfer files via the USB it takes me a few tries to work (usually I'll get the "your device has either stopped or isn't responding" ) other than that I love this thing... welcome to the family!

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