New Mail Icon remains on phone after email is read in Outlook


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Aug 16, 2011
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When I get a new email, a new email icon is displayed in the droid notification panel. When reading/deleting the email in Outlook the new email notification icon remains on the phone, but the email is shown as read or deleted on the phone, depending on what I do in Outlook. This doesn't happen when reading email from other, non-Microsoft accounts, like gmail (the icon goes away). All other functionality is working, deleting, showing as read both ways, etc...

Here's some info of my environment:

Droid Phone: Standard Motorola Droid, Android Version 2.2.2
Exchange 2010 server
Outlook 2010

Droid email account settings for the exchange sync:
Email check frequency: Automatic (push)
Email notifications is checked

Does anyone know if this is a bug, or some setting that can be configured in exchange or on the phone? Rather annoying when tapping the "new email notification" on the phone only to see there isn't any new email because I already looked at it in Outlook an hour ago.