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Mar 31, 2010
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Hello all. i'm new to these forums and new to the Motorola Droid. Just got the phone on Monday. So far, so good, i love the phone! However, i'm having one problem that i need some "expert" help with and i figure this might be the place (plus, the Verizon rep i talked to was less than helpful).

I really wanted this phone for email. I have several regular POP email accounts i want to check on the phone. There is no exchange or push email, jsut regular POP email. i've set up the email program included with the phone to the exact settings for my emails (got all the right usernames, passwords, incoming and outgoing servers and ports). i also set the droid to check email every five minutes.

my problem is though, when my outlook program is not open, my droid doesn't get my email. i have to go into the mail program and hit the "load messages" to get my new email, most of which came hours ago (not less than five minutes ago like my settings ask). Even last night, i closed my outlook and left my phone on and nothing came to my droid until i hit the "load messages" this morning. at that time, it loaded several messages taht i had gotten at varying times over the night.

i thought it was to check for new messages on the server every 5 minutes and then pull them into the mail program and give me a notification. am i doing something wrong?

also looking around i see a lot of people saying that the mail program taht comes preloaded isn't really good and others might be better. should i try another email program and if so, which one is the best for my particular situation.

Thanks for the advice everyone!
K-9 is suggested a lot.

You mentioned that you though it was supposed to poll every 5 minutes. Have you verified that it is actually set up that way?
It is in the settings that the "email check frequency" is every 5 minutes. i don't know if it really does or not i guess, but that is what it is set to.