How to get Outlook Express email to and from Droid without duplicates ala Palm mail


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Feb 14, 2010
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I am trying to get my office email to go to both the Droid and to the desktop machine.I set up my desktop email (through Outlook Express) to go to the Droid. My desktop email is with earthlink. I checked the box on Outlook to say do not leave copies on the server. Unfortunately, this results in email that I first read on the Droid to not go through to the desktop email with Outlook. I then tried setting up Outlook Express to leave copies of the email on the server. This didn't work either: it results in duplicate emails going to the Droid. I get the same emails many times on the Droid because they are sitting on the server. When I had a Treo 755P, I had Palm email, which worked great: I would always get all the emails to the desktop and when I was away from the desktop machine, I would get any emails that came in on the Treo. When I responded to emails on the Treo, I would get a copy of the responses on to the desktop machine so I had a permanent record on the desktop of all emails regardless of which device they went to originally or were sent from. My goal is to get all email including ones sent from the Droid to the desktop so that I have a complete record of all email on the desktop. Any suggestions or workarounds on how to accomplish this?
Droid seams to be lacking in the business management end. I miss the set up you mention. I sync through Gmail. It leaves all of the originals on the PC like you (and I) like. It does not (at least I don't know how) leave a trail on the PC of sent mail from the Droid. I have seen similar threads with no answer, maybe one will appear this time
Just got this droid and need help syncing to outlook. Thanks

I as green as they come to Droid, so there my be a better way, but what I did.

The guy at my VZW store said Gmail did not sync right on PCs with Vista or Win 7. I have Vista. He told me to call the VZW tech line. I told them what I needed. The connected me to Motorola. The M agent had me download something. Now it syncs without ever having to connect. That's awesome
I use Touchdown for Exchange. Everything that comes to my Droid goes to my PC also. everything is synced to a T....
was it a download to your desktop or your droid?

Just the Droid... I reread your post and I see what your trying to do.
Sorry about the the suggestion.

I have not seen or heard anyone else doing what your asking.