New Guy Looking For Recommendations


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Aug 24, 2011
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So I've been using the original Droid for a while now (2 years). Looking into upgrading it and looking for some recommendations from the more knowledgeable. It appears as though the phone I'm interested in, simply doesn't exist yet. I've heard a lot of strong reviews about the Verizon 4G network, so it was my intentions to stay on verizon. By doing this, I wanted to get a droid phone, on the 4G network, with a physical QWERTY keyboard. This apparently doesn't exist, and I don't see it coming either. The droid bionic seems to be on the horizon, but it does not appear to have a physical keyboard either.

With these desires in mind, I'm curious if those of you who habitually browse these forums have any particular preferences? Should I hold out and get the droid bionic, buy an already existing brand, or are there possibilities of a 4g droid with a QWERTY keyboard in the future? Any reasons or information would be highly appreciated to this newcommer, thanks!

Also, reasons I'm attempting to upgrade the droid are: Touch screen is starting to become very unresponsive, inability to run games such as Plants Versus Zombies due to apparent RAM issues? General degradation of the device after 2 years of use.