New Guy on the Droid x2 block


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Jul 24, 2011
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I'd used the Palm Pre+ since it came out, and really enjoyed its operating system, but suffered through the innattention of HP to its new phone system.

So I upgraded to an original Droid a year ago, but found its physical Querty keyboard cumbersome to use, although the Palm had a useful one for me.

Took an upgrade to a Samsung Fascinate, with which I've had calling problems. So, through warranty I'm able to get Droid X2, which I think is great. The Fascinate needed rooting for over-clocking, and the Droid X2 is as quick in operation as I need.

Frankly, as much as I like the Android OS, its not a useful as the Palm's ability to use multiple OPEN screens simultaneously.
Welcome to android :)

Try this: if you're in an app, say the browser, and you want to open a game, press the home button. Navigate to the game, open it and proceed. WHen you want to switch, press home to get to your home screens, then hold home and let it bring up a menu of recent apps. Clicking the browser should take you where you left off, and same with the game (most apps will do this, but not all)

Hope that helps