New announcement from Moto and VZW reps working together


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Nov 20, 2010
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Verizon just announced that if you installed the GB leak they are going to lock you up for life and then Moto is going to have their way with you in your vasiline unless you are on an unlimited plan. ;) After all of that....when you finally get out....they are going to force you to take a Startac and join AT&T :D

Come on....there have been rumors floating around for a long time about VZW doing this and Moto doing that.

It is confusing because on one hand you will read that they don't care about the low percentage of phone owners who are complaining about locked bootloaders....which is probably the cause of them wanting to lockdown the phone's even more....on the other hand you hear that they are targetting which is it? Do they care or no?

But to keep the panic going......YES....EVERYONE has to worry to the point of stressing out. If you have even said the words "root" or "tether" then you are guilty and VZW knows who you are. You are going to wake up one day with the "can you hear me now" guy standing at the foot of your bed quoting the ToS to you and saying...."can you hear me now?"

ok.....none of the above is actually true....I am just messing with you guys. I just think all of this is getting a little rediculous. Maybe we should all toss our phones into the river so they don't know it was us:icon_ banana:

Question though....couldn't you just flash your phone over to another network and keep on keeping on. Rooted and all?

Just so everyone knows....this is just a joke. VZW nor Motorolla have actually said any of this. BUT....I did just get off the phone with my own sources at both VZW and Moto and both of which reassured me that the concerns laid forth in P3Droid's thread are not accurate and there is actually noway they could do that without creating issues for those who are not rooted. They ARE planning on paying much more attention to data usage to pin point those who are tethering without data plan but that is it.
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