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Jan 29, 2013
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New to this forum, Howdy.

I'll get to the point and hope someone can gelp. This is probably a dumb question but I've never dealt with this before.

Over the weekend my phone was dropped in water and is not working. My upgrade isn't until July and I have no insurance. My mom who still has an old Razr flip phone that looks brand new and was eligible for her upgrade but doesn't want a smart phone. So I called verizon with her permission and had them upgrade her to a Razr M. My plan is to just activate her phone to my # but when I was talking to the verizon rep she stated, after the purchase went through, that the phone would come, in a sense pre programmed to my moms phones # and it would just need to be manually activated. My question is can I just activate it to my #? This may be alittle shady (trying to save myself some money) but is it illegal? Also is there anything I need to do to activate it to my # while possibly avoiding talking with a verizon rep? Also the verizon rep never discussed any data plan upgrades on my moms acct which she currently doesn't have. Wouldn't they require that she pays the extra for smart phone data plan?

Is it as simple as just calling verizon and giving them the phone id# and have them activate it to my #? This just has me a little nervous becuase they said that my mom's phone would be obsolete once it is activated becuase she never upgraded anything since she first got the phone back when it was still AllTell. So I can't activate her # to the Razr M becuase she wants to keep the same phone and plan she is currently on.

I hope my question wasn't to confusing. Any info would help.



Dec 1, 2012
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It is simple. I did it with my sisters upgrade. I went into the store and they just gave me my RazrM activated to my number. And I still have my upgrade coming in August. When your phone arrives, just call Verizon from a different phone. They will take some info off the new one, and activate it on your number. Its not illegal at all. You're gonna love the RazrM!