VERIZON EMPLOYEE PLEASE READ. Android phone without data plan?

You can sign her up on Page Plus Cellular. They have an unlimited talk and text plan and 30mbs of data for 45 bucks, or they have a 1200 minutes and 1200 texts and 50mb for 30 bucks. It uses Verizon's network, and they allow you to bring your on device. And everything is included in that price, i.e., no taxes or fees.
as far as hacking the ESN I'm gonna say a big no (but I may be wrong).
This wouldn't be the forum to discuss such things anyways... just a heads up. We won't allow it.

and for the data blockage... Verizon just wants your money... plain and simple.
Go look in a VZW store these days and see the dismal 4 or maybe 5 phones they have that don't require at least a basic $10 or $15/mo data plan. It's all about the benjamins.

Gone are the days of the Voyager, Dare, EnV, etc. :( Or even further when data was charged as minutes of use.
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