g1 & verizon data plan


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Sep 14, 2010
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I have a rooted g1 on TMobile, am switching to Verizon and getting a new phone. I'd like to give the g1 to my daughter, I want her to be able to call, text but don't care if she can surf the web.
A Verizon rep said they require a full data plan for phones like the g1. Are there any options for enabling this phone paying for data services we won't use?
first off the G1 wll not work on the verizon network as its not compatible with the network. The G1 is a GSM phone and verizon uses CDMA phones.

Second a 29.99 data plan is required on every smartphone on verizon. There is no way around it. As soon as the phone is activated the system adds the plan automatically.

honestly your best bet is to get a non-smartphone for her. Verizon has plenty non-smartphones that have full keyboards for texting and whatnot. A good bit are free phones or under 50 at most.
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Thanks Garrett. In retrospect, I don't think I asked specifically about the g1, which was stupid on my part.