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Feb 2, 2011
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So I had to get a replacement Nexus because of my inability to send/receive messages (but could use data/make phone calls):confused:.

Anyway, on my replacement phone I get the dreaded signal drops while idle. Now it's not exactly something I'm too worried about right now since it hasn't affected my phone calls or data usage. Phone calls have remain connected and my data returns within approximately 3 seconds. However, what does have me concerned is my network mode. It remains on keep in mind, I'm in a 3G only area, but I thought for certain the Nexus was supposed to be on eHRPD unless the 4G network was completely down. I have navigated into the hidden menu to try to connect to eHRPD with no luck.

Which brings me to the point of the post. I need some verification from Nexus owners.

1) Those in 3G only areas, does your Nexus show that it is on the EVDO network type? Or does it show eHRPD like I think it should?

2) Is the 4G network down?

Thanks for taking the time to help me out with this. This will tell me if I have to make another warranty claim. :mad:
I live in an area with spotty 4G even though I live next to and work in our states capital city at an award winning, nationally recognized hospital (thanks Verizon for lighting up corn fields and highways in the middle of nowhere while I can't get consistent 4G in the capital city).

I have turned off LTE and am currently set to CDMA only. My network type shows as eHRPD:13
Thank you very much. I thought for sure eHRPD was the network type that should show. I'm going to try the new SIM they gave me first and see if it's the SIM. I'd REALLLLLLLY like to avoid another friggin replacement.

Update: Yep. The SIM appears to have been the culprit. Data/Voice signal no longer dropping and I'm on the eHRPD network mode. Just glad I don't have to wait on a replacement again. Thanks for the info Kenny.
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