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Apr 14, 2010
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I use a mac, but i have windows 7 installed with bootcamp. i used bootcamp to do the rooting and unlocking process because i was a lazy bumhole and didnt look for a mac version. now i see root, unroot, and unlocking tuts everywhere :/ I have tried to flash the new radios (from rootzwiki) onto my device (i didnt need two since i use the .zip file earlier release) just to see if i could adb into my device, turns out i cant.

1. I went and downloaded the android sdk for mac
2. extracted the folder to my desktop
3. opend tools(?) and clicked on the "android" program
4. i checked install android 4.0 and 4.0.3; it did

now i had all these new folders in my android sdk folder

6. i moved the folder to my douments folder and renamed it "android sdk"

when i try and use adb to reboot my phone in to bootloader (got the command off of the post on droidforums) it says that my device cant be found. is it because i use windwows to root and unlock my device?


Oct 5, 2010
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Sounds like a driver issue (this has nothing to do with bootcamp/window)

You need to do something like this: open a terminal/command prompt or whatever windows calls it
cd c:/android sdk
cd sdk-tools
fastboot devices
(if it shows your devise you have the fastboot driver)
adb devises
(if it shows your devise you have the adb driver. This is exclusive from the fastboot driver)

If your missing either driver you cannot root. Either download pdanet for the drivers or google or try here for dirvers [HOW TO] Root the Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Android Forums
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