Need help working darktremor a2sd!!!!


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Nov 30, 2011
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I have CM7 ROM and I'm trying to get my apps to save on my sd card but still be able to fully use them. I installed darktremor a2sd and a2sdgui but the apps wont transfer over to my sd card. Also before I did all of this I flashed the custom ROM and partitioned my sd card. Then I flashed the a2sd script. Can you guys help me figure this out cuz I really need to do this!!!

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Oct 27, 2011
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I haven't used that sort of apps2sd since Eclair ROMs.

Like I said, I haven't used it, but the posts in this thread (particularly the 4th and 5th) may help diagnose the problem: [Script][A2SD]Darktremor Beta 04 [HeroCDMA] (01/29/2011) - xda-developers

Why not use zach.xtr's cache2cache flash, or just use native Gingerbread apps2sd?

Zach.xtr's cache2cache is here: [SCRIPT][1/22/2011] A Simple Cache2Cache for CM 6.x and 7.x ROMs - xda-developers

If you are using CM7, I think that somewhere in settings->CyanogenMod settings there is a setting to allow moving apps to SD, and the you can move them in settings->applications->manage applications. That said, be careful not to move apps for which you are using homescreen widgets - the widgets will not work with apps moved to SD (not for darktremor apps2sd, but native apps2sd.)