Need Help With Update 2.3.340! Adventure Story included!

No problem man, I just made the switch from winmo to android on monday. But I have a nasty habit of hacking & modding just about anything I can :) glad I could help that update drove me crazy for a few hours, hope I could save a few people the time & frustration

Exactly! Mod EVERYTHING! Haha I am the same exact way bro. I've got to tweak and enhance everything I put my hands on. I often dont even get around to actually using my new devices for its intended purposes bcuz I'm always so busy tweaking it and running test in some way to make it perform or look more fitting for me. Its really hobby of mine lol.

But yeah as far as freezing or renaming any of the original bloat, I never much cared too much for that aspect of it bcuz I felt like I'd want the extra functionality of the apps at some point. And hey, with 24gigs (and upgradable to 40gigs) of space, I'm not in any way in a fright over used space. Not nearly as I used to be with my previous HTC Touch Pro, made gimped from the line by Verizon with only 192mb of ram and a measly 512mb of space onboard lol.

Im into all sorts of modding and programming but my heart really lies with skinning and eye candy enhancements. Hopefully I'll be able to turn out something soon. Just takes a little time getting settled into a new operating system.
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Thank you so much!!! Had the same problem on my GF's phone, and this just saved me from a lot yelling. ;)
2.3.34 successfully upgraded

Here is what I did:

I got the full .SBF (see in preceding links provided in this thread)
I was running 2.3.15 android 2.2. I checked the file name and made sure that it was MB810. checked the MD5 sum to make sure the file was not corrupted.

All was good..

I did not remove anything, root or otherwise from the phone.

I got the 928 odexed back to stock build and flashed the phone with it.

the problem with the update is that it seems to check for all versions of bloatware installed. this build puts it all back.

I installed the motoconnect drivers(google it) for droid X on my Windows 7 ultimate system.

I installed RSDlite 4.8.

put the .sbf file at the root of c:

I used the second method in the RSDlite flashing tutorial..tried the first one, but RSD wouldnt recognize my phone so this is the method that works.

open RSDlite

shut down the phone...hold power, volume down button and the camera button, wait for the phone to boot, release the power button.

boot loader 30.4 showed up..
connected my usb cable to the phone. RSD saw it connected and my pc recognized it and loaded the proper drivers successfully.

browsed to the .sbf file in RSDlite...hit start..

it took about 10 minutes for the phone to flash, rebooted and all was well.

Went to settings >about phone>system updates...

downloaded the update..wait wait wait ...the update took and the phone rebooted...
much to my surprise all of my apps remained!!!

I took the approach that if the .sbf file put the phone back to pure stock then all my apps would surely be gone..but they were not and they all worked...
now one thing you do need to do is to reroot...z4root is the best!!

coincidentally, I was having issues with wireless tethering working over the last couple of days...after doing this wireless tethering worked again fact I am writing this using it now!!

So you can follow my accidental instruction here and it might work for you too...dancedroid. after all the discussion about bricking ones phone this was certainly a sphincter tightening experience, but I would do it again now that I know it works..but seriously the best thing you can do before attempting this is to RTF (read the F$#@$ing manual). get as much info and your files together before you do anything. This is not for the faint of heart and the possibility of bricking a 500 phone is scary.
I am a systems engineer and I always do alot of reading before I do anything so I fully understand what I am doing. after all this is only a small computer..

now I will do a backup with clockwork and start screwing with stuff again!!

Take care.