Download symbol wont go away.


May 14, 2011
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Milwaukee, WI
(CLOSED - RESOLVED) Download symbol wont go away.

So, I was trying to download two gun apps, and I'm in Germany currently, (got the phone in the us, service in the us, blah blah) and the wifi here is kinda choppy with my phone, it wont do certain updates, and it won't do the updates where you have to replace apps, not a big deal, but I was trying to download these two apps, but they canceled and said unable to download. So, I saw the download symbol (which I'm currently glaring at as I write this) and it wont go away, it has a two on it, can't be cleared, tried killing the market app, tried clearing chache and all that junk in the settings, force closing, but they stay there. So, I go back to the market to download them, well, actually download them. And it didn't work. Unable to download. Well, I popped my battery out.. put it back in. 'SD CARD SYNCING'...'ADVANCED TASK KILLER'.. and them damn download symbol appears once again. If someone can help I'd love it.

Thanks for reading!

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You could try killing the download manager app. Just a thought :/

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thanks guys, appreciate the comments, but after 4 hours of leaving my droid hooked into the wall, i decided to try and download the apps again, which worked,