Need help with rom manager

No can u do a step by step on how to get koush's dx bootstrap

1. Go to the Market and search for Bootstrap.
2. Tap and purchase Droid X Recovery Bootstrapper
3. Install it.
4. Download the add-on you want from ROM Manager
5. Open Droid X Recovery Bootstrapper
6. Bootstrap Recovery
7. Reboot Recovery
(You will now inter the wonderful world of Clockwork Mod)
8. Using the Volume Up and Down keys, go to Backup and Restore
9. Select using the Camera button, then select "Backup" using the Camera button.
10. Let it run till is says "Backup Complete!"

That way you will have a full nandroid backup of your phone at stock. (Don't want to start themeing and ROMing your phone unless you have a stable backup to fall back upon.)

After Backup is complete, hit the Back key on your DX.

Installing the Add-on you downloaded:
1. Since your still in Clockwork Mod from making the backup.
2. Go to Mounts and Storage
3. Mount System (Will read Unmount System if correct)
*May have to Mount Data if it isn't already.
4. Hit the Back key
5. Install .zip from SD Card
6. Choose .zip to install
7. Find the add-on you downloaded from ROM Manager and highlight it, hit the Camera button.
9. Yes - Install
10. Once finished, hit the Back key and select Reboot System.
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Rom manager is useless for the X.

Bootstrap is what you need.