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Apr 1, 2011
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So i recently made the mistake of formatting everything on my Droid X. The System, Data, & Boot were all formatted using Bootstrap. I have a full Droid X backup, but i still can't get it to boot past the Motorola Logo. Whenever i have my Droid X on and plug it into the computer it is not recognized at all. Is there anyway i can bring my Droid X back? I also have a Droid X "sbf" file and RSDLITE.
I have also tried putting the Droid X into the default recovery mode, which is really all i can do with it. But it still does not get recognized by my computer.
Can someone please help me resolve this problem, so i can get it to boot and be recognized by my computer when it is plugged in via USB?

Thanks in advance.
Tried that, still wasn't detected by RSD
thats because

YOu need to be in the bootloader not recovery

keep messing with your phone pressing
To get into bootloader make sure your phone has been turned off.

1) hold down the camera button, down volume button, and then press the power button.

update: if you were rooted before try pressing and holding down volume down and power on the droid x mine still went into koosh recovery that way.

If I push home and power I get the stock recovery.

Trying to figure how I get it back into bootloader thats what he needs for rsdlite.
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