Need help activating my Droid RAZR M running Jelly Bean on Page Plus Cellular...


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Nov 20, 2012
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I have a new RAZR M running Jelly Bean (and a blank SIM card) and I need some instructions on how to activate it on Page Plus. I realize I'll only be able to get 3G speeds, but that's OK. I purchased CDMA Workshop 3.9.0 to do this. I tried to activate it by following the ICS Droid RAZR threads, but no success.

Can someone please help?

Thanks in advance!


Nov 8, 2012
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I too have weighed my options for moving from my carrier (Verizon) to another (something like PP, etc.), and would plan to take 5-phones with me including three Droids, and HTC, and a iPhone (all currently programmed for Verizon) for less expensive monthly subscription. At this time, more value for me to stick with non-contracted monthly Verizon service.

What you are asking about is MUCH more involved that simply "activating" the device. You are talking about reprogramming the device at a level that is much deeper than typical user access. On the level with messing up the device to the point that it would be obviously not covered under factory and/or provider warranty. **DISCLAIMER proceeding at your own risk assuming ALL RESPONSIBILITY on to yourself**

In the event you understand and just need some simple guidance, one of these comments may get you back on track ...

If you are trying to follow "ICS Droid RAZR" procedures, I would suggest you back up the device from JB to ICS. It would be my presumption that a factory Motorola version of the JB operating system would not respond well to applying workarounds developed for an earlier operating system (ICS), and/or a different model device like the RAZR. Example: need to first return to stock ICS before proceeding (with an ICS workaround). To my knowledge there is not yet a JB workaround for doing what you are asking about. After you get the device activated and running on PP, you could then upgrade to JB (NOT a factory version or whatever O/S you want to run), and would suggest that you already know what OS you want to run before even starting the process (maybe like JB version of CM).

Additionally, I would presume you would plan to run the phone w/o 4G SIM Card installed (because there is no 4G on PP - PagePlus may or may not require the use of a 3G SIM card), and that you would need to be running ICS Rooted, have a root-editor installed to make needed programming changes, reset the CDMA Subscriptions (change setting value to remove 4G connectivity all together to eliminate potential hardware conflicts), and finally reprogram the nam for PP. Then you might be able to "activate" the device with carrier, provided you had a valid phone number and ESN programmed into the phone that PP would accept. Last I researched (related to Razr M) voice & txt-msg'g was working pretty well, but there were still some issues with 3G Data including low ping-rates and generally less than optimal data connectivity.

Hopefully, this gets you back on track. If this sounds foreign, suggest you stop and re-evaluate your cause/solution process as the worm-hole could be costly without proper understanding & procedures.