Need Advice - Is the DROID for me?

I also came from a Tour. I use my phone for 100% pleasure. It has nothing to do with my work. The ONLY thing that I liked better about the Tour was the physical keyboard and the "profiles". I have Gmail, Calendar, Gtalk, etc all hooked up and it is awesome! I LOVE MY DROID
Well, I think I am going to pick up my Droid tomorrow. :greendroid:

I'm still torn, because I've been such a big BB :blackberry: proponent for so long (I still much prefer BB to iPhone, personally), but I figure I've got 30 days to try out the Droid to see if I'll like it better. I've always thought touchscreen + physical slider keyboard in a nice form factor was the shangri-la of smartphones, and the Droid seems to meet those requirements. As compared to the Tour I get the bigger screen, and don't lose all that much (okay, the keyboard isn't quite as nice).

I suppose the real question then is if I actually LIKE touchscreen navigation. I can move around incredibly fast on my BlackBerry with the trackball and keyboard combo, and all with one hand. I definitely fumble around a bit with a touch screen. But as I say, I've got 30 days to see if I get better at it :). All in all I'm looking forward to trying it out!

I am diving into the Droid world tomorrow, as well. I have been a big fan of BB's and have been able to deal with some of their limitations due to their great email support and keyboard offerings.

However, like others have mentioned, the web browsing is usually slow and not visually pleasing. Mobile sites work great, but if you hit a "real" webpage, you were out of luck unless you didn't mind the endless scrolling. The storm made scrolling through all the mess a little easier, but still wasn't the solution.

I have been following the droid since it was leaked a while back. I have gone to the stores and used it, and have since gotten to setup and use one for the owner of the company I work for. I have to say that with the little time I have had with the Droid so far, I can't wait for it to arrive tomorrow!

Sure, there are going to be some things I'm going to miss at first, but I will get used to the new OS and different apps. This community is not as brainwashed as some of the others are for BB/WinMo and the rest of the OS's. This community is young and still evolving, but I see a stronger support core with more frequent updates and patches. Something that all my years with WinMo and BB was unheard of. Don't get me wrong, I think there are some great devices out for both WinMo and BB and will continue to support those that wish to stick with them. I just need something different. Something that offers more and in a better package. Right now that's the Droid, hands down!

Hopefully our experiences go as well as I am hoping! Everyone has their own taste and will be happy/unhappy with various features and issues. Good luck to you and have a blast with that Droid (providing you go with it...)!

Plus, you can always take it back in 30 days if you're not happy. No guilt involved!
Really--once you have played with the DROID for a couple of days I think you folks will be happy with it. Not only does it do what you want, but the future for it is bright and will make you forget your past platform (as-stated in earlier posts, I've been on WinMobile since the beginning). I'm not a Google bandwagon'er, I just appreciate what's in my hand / pocket on a daily basis.

The added bonus is this support forum with very great people to point you to answers to your questions or help you outright.

- Mega