native exchange no longer working, but touchdown does


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Jul 22, 2011
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We have a company that hosts our email. The native client on my Fascinate worked perfectly until we had an exchange issue. Our mailstore drive filled to capacity and took down exchange. The hosting company built a new server just for the new mailbox store. On our outlook clients we all got prompted for a new certificate for this server and accepted it and everything was fine, except my native droid corporate account. Touchdown works fine with new mail box server. I deleted my native account and rebuilt it. It gives me no problems when I create the new account on native client. I have selected the accept all certificates option. When I open my native email client it just has the word "refresh" and nothing happens. Contacts, Calendar and mail are not syncing and I get no errors. I will again mention that I own touchdown, but I don't care for it.
How, exactly did you delete the account? Did you delete it from the mail app or from Accounts & Sync?