My order is in!!

Just talked with Verizon rep. She told me that the early upgrades cannot be done online. Hence, you will not see the lower price. You will have to call the online rep or go into a store. She assured that all verizon stores, including the sometimes crappy dealers, should be aware of that promotion. You will have to be a little more patient I guess.

She also told me that she tried to order one for another person and that the system will not let her do it until midnight pacific time, which would correspond to the stuffz. She did not sound 100% sure on that one though.

Great. This is the kind of s**t I can't stand. All they had to do was say the early upgrades could not be done online. Unreal.

Everyone: PRMCD10 in the promo code box. 10% off!

Thanks man! You saved me $15 bucks!


When I ordered mine, here was the costs associated:

Droid X - $199.99 (no rebate required)
Additional Discount at Checkout - ($30)
Credit for ordering phone with plan over $39/month - ($75)
Net Cost of phone - $94.99

Of course, this is through a business account, so I don't pay anything for it (my employer does:icon_ banana:)

God, I love being in charge of our Verizon account!
Anybody have a better number to talk to a client rep? I try calling and it keeps telling me I can only speak to somebody between 6-11.
If I could get that damn chat box up I could convince them to put that PRMCD10 promo on my order hopefully...
It let me keep my $29.95 plan.
$29.99 data plan.
$5.00 Text messaging.

Total Monthly $64.94

Phone $199.98 after taxes and discount (includes $8.99 shipping that should get dropped)
If I upgrade to a 2 year contract the phone is only $100...but for 1 year is $269
$15? You only had to pay $150 for the thing?

As to shipping, I flipped for the $8.99 second day FedEx. Figured with the promo code, I was getting for cheaper than I planned for anyway :)

$135! Online discount + New Every 2 discount + Promo code! Got free shipping too. Been with Verizon since 2002 so maybe they like me. ??
Dial *611 and press 0 at the menu. Worked for me anyways. Good luck.
Ordered mine around 12:15... I'm in Jersey. I logged into my account, clicked the line that was eligible for the upgrade... got to the phone list, click the "android" link to narrow the phone and there she was 199.99 right at the top.

I picked up the car mount (i was able to get it 25% off somehow... might be since it's tied into our firm's verizon discount)... I figure I'll get all the other stuff off the Bay (cables, etc)...

Went to check out and added the PRMCD10 discount and it took another 10% off.

It showed 2 day fedex free shipping.

I thought everyone got free shipping on their phones if they order online... maybe it's because I've been with them so long, I was with them when they were BAM (how's that for a blast from the past)... or maybe it's the discount from work...

I'm on Vax next week so I didn't want to risk sending it to work and not getting it on Friday... so I had it sent to my in-laws who live next door to where we are renting.

I can't wait for this thing... my first Droid... so long WinMo Touch Pro!

Hope everyone who wants one gets one!