My order is in!!

Great. They're showing, but it's not applying the discount for me. I thought the discounted pricing would be available for any line that expires in 2010.
Ok. So here is the update for those having troubles:

VZW says the phone "lauches" at midnight local time but may not be "available" right then...

...uh huh...what do they think a :launch: is?
Okay here's how to order one:

1) Clear cookies.
2) Browse phones.
3) When it prompts you for your zip code put in "12288" (Albany, NY).
4) Booya, Droid X!
5) To upgrade, select the X, then on the left choose "Upgrade Phone" (or something like that).

Worked for me. :)
Just talked with Verizon rep. She told me that the early upgrades cannot be done online. Hence, you will not see the lower price. You will have to call the online rep or go into a store. She assured that all verizon stores, including the sometimes crappy dealers, should be aware of that promotion. You will have to be a little more patient I guess.

She also told me that she tried to order one for another person and that the system will not let her do it until midnight pacific time, which would correspond to the stuffz. She did not sound 100% sure on that one though.
Just ordered mine. My first droid. Woohoo!

Make sure you use the promo code someone mentioned above. It works! (PRMCD10)
Just ordered mine and used promo code, worked great...umm, the only thing is shipping. The chat rep said even though the only free one that showed for shipping was 2nd day, they automatically upgrade to free, not sure if that was BS or not...anyone?
Where is the free shipping. The PRMCD10 code worked but wants to charge for overnight.
Great. Verizon says anybody eligible for an upgrade in 2010 can get the Droid X at the discounted price today. I have TWO lines eligible under those guidelines, but the site will not show the discounted price and I can't get to a CSR.