My order is in!!

Mine just went through about 5 min ago. I had to go full price, as I wasn't eligible for the upgrade. Just going to ebay my droid.

for some reason my data plan got reduced by about $4.00 a month...weird.
Still out $600.00 though...

You on the east coast?
Worldofjohnboy....if go to and not log in. Is it there???

No... I also logged in as my wife (she has a residential plan) and it wasn't there either. Looks like perhaps they will be up there at Midnight CST? (25 minutes).
Zantamarious: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
You: i want the droid x
Zantamarious: I'd be happy to assist you.
Zantamarious: That phone will be available at midnight.
You: it is midnight
Zantamarious: It has not yet been released on the site, it will there shortly this is CST./
You: EST is EST lol
Zantamarious: Yes but it will be on the site shortly.
Zantamarious: There is a of people wanting this device as well as is patiently waiting.

haha not sure why but your replies made me laugh :icon_ goofy:

But I don't understand what the guy was saying. What about CST? Am I missing something?
was saying im on CST. lol
Who is "Zantamarious" and where does he/she work for? My initial thought is they are related to Nostrodomus, predicting the end of all Droid X orders.
It's there for me, but only when I'm not logged in. I'm EST. I didn't place an order though because I have my name on one at the VZN store.
hahahahahahhaa.... clear your cookies!!! it didn't show up for me on IE, but I just opened Firefox and there it is.... see ya....
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guys, it's there for me. Go to phones, for me there's 21 smartphones listed. It's at the bottom.