Just Ordered My Maxx. Have Questions


Nov 23, 2010
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OK so I wanted this phone a couple of months ago. Didn't have the funds. Just ordered it off Amazon.

That said, I'm looking into the accessories. Hopefully someone can chime in and help me out here.

What is the difference between the HD Dock, HD Dock with Rapid Charger and the HD Station? I would like the ability to dock somewhere and browse the internet with my phone, but on a much bigger screen or even a TV.

While browsing the internet from my phone, docked to my computer screen, will I be able to use my RF Keyboard/Mouse or is that even possible? That's what I want to do. Does it have to be Bluetooth? My computer monitor does not support HDMI but I'm sure I'll end up using a TV with HDMI to browse the Internet from my phone, at some point.

Anyone have a preference in case or comments/issues about the one you own? Screen protector?

I plan on also buying the Navigation Dock. I want to receive the phone and feel it out, first before getting crazy with accessories.

I do not need the lapdock...I don't think.
Looks like the HD Dock and the HD station are the same thing, the one with the rapid charger is just that. It has a rapid charger that has more juice so to speak so it charges the battery faster than the other ones.

As far as the RF keyboard working I would not imagine that would be work, you might try a bluetooth one but you might need a separate APP on your phone to interface with that.
I got the navigation dock from a corporate store for $40 a couple days ago. They gave me 20% off as well.

I had problems with my X2 after using the hd dock or navigation dock. When I would put my phone in my purse it would try and put my phone into media mode or dock mode. I'm hoping that doesn't happen with my Maxx