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Nov 11, 2009
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Medina, OH
Just picked up the HD dock but am ordering the hdmi cable online. Im not seeing the web apps with the phone in the dock. Do they only appear on the monitor/tv?

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I would like everyone impressions of this item,... I picked one up but not sure if I will return it yet. I heard charging is slow with it>?
Havent had a chance to try mine yet, need a cable. IMHO for the price it should have come WITH one!
So nothing new appears on the phone screen unless we have the hdmi connected, right? I just ordered a couple cables from monoprice, but I agree they could have thrown one in. One thing I don't like about it so far is the charging port on the back. It's way too small and comes unplugged easily if you move the dock around.

Also, just as an FYI, I was able to use one of the USB ports to connect the spare battery charger and it's charging both just fine.
I have the HD dock and absolutely love it. The modes are all displayed on the TV. With a bluetooth dongle/mouse and TV it's perfect. I have been running google music with it all day. Something about using an IR remote to control your phone is just awesome to me.

The only downside is my 720p rips don't play very well with it:( Trying to find the best resolution for playback.
I have the HD Dock for the Bionic as well. I like it a lot. I think it is worth the extra $50 when compared to the Standard Dock because of the ability to use the Webtop software and you can use the HDMI cord(which is sold seperately) as a mirror mode to view pictures, videos, or play music.
Addressing your issue with not being able to access the Weptop application: You need to have the HDMI cord plugged into the phone and then it will bring up a pop up menu that will allow you to select the Webtop software and it will then boot up. Whether you have a keyboard and mouse which you can plug in via the USB ports or you use the touchscreen on the phone as a mouse and keyboard you will be able to use the Webtop software.
I am having one issue with the HD Dock though... When I use the IR remote, the navigation controls become very finicky and I have issues navigating through the phone. When I press the down button while navigating through a list or something on the phone, it will just do whatever it wants to. If I just press the down button once, it will scroll down 2 or 3 spaces below. Does everyone's dock remote do that or should I just return it?
My remote is a little touchy as well. I tried to hit the buttons a little less 'eagerly' for lack of a better word and it's helped a lot.
Micro HDMI (type D) connector. Model 05012 from JustWireless was at Target whereas local Verizon store was out of stock.

I connected my Droid Bionic to the tv and saw the Motorola M red circular logo. So I know it's working. But how does one access the App that displays something via the HDMI cable? I haven't found it so far.

-Gerry Elman
HD Dock is giving me problems

I'm rooted running Liberty ROM. I've used mirror mode and webtop, but bought the HD dock for the remote, and added full-size USB interfaces.
I'm displaying my Bionic on an Emerson HDTV.

When using the hd dock in mirror mode:
I have lots of glitter-like pixel halos on the desktop. They are around some icons, and all over when watching videos. (If I use Mirror mode on the same phone and cable without the dock, I can watch HD videos, Jetflicks, etc., without any problems.)

When using the HD dock in webtop mode:
The desktop looks great-no pilexation. Firefox will display full screen videos just fine (albeit low res). Using mobile view, the cellphone desktop looks great, and playing videos from the phone desktop looks great. If I try to open the cellphone videos to full screen, they get the random colored pixels again.
Does the Motorola dock do some kind of garbage video processing in scaling mirror mode? I have to reiterate video looks great in mirror mode with the same cable and television, when connected directly to the phone.