HD dock...HDMI cable doesn't output sound???


Nov 15, 2011
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I have the HDMI cable going into my TV. The "HD" hock and HDMI cable themselves don't output audio? Do you really have to use the 3.5mm aux jack in the back of the HD dock to get sound to output?? Someone please tell me I'm doing something wrong!!!
It appears to be that way. I wasn't able to get any sound from my tv with just the phone hooked up to HDMI either. Not sure if it is a software design with the phone or that the Motorola HDMI cord does not transmit audio. I thought just about all HDMI cords transmit both video and audio, but I could be wrong. Wasn't really any issues for me though as I never use the sound on my tv's speakers. I hook up a 3.5 to my stereo instead. My stereo doesnt have HDMI inputs,so it works for me.
Check the sound settings on your TV... In the hdmi settings area... Try hdmi direct from the phone first, perhaps it's the dock that's bad, usually the sound out jack is for those with additional stereo options.

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Also try rebooting your phone before plugging it in sometimes that helps , at least it did for me
Ok had this problem and to easily fix it for me was to unplug all other HDMI cables to TV etc... or power the accessories off

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That's strange. I hooked up my razr (w/o dock) directly to my old Samsung 19" LCD and the audio/video worked fine.

@ Dillont: since you don't use your TV speakers, did you disable TV speakers (enable external speakers) before?

Because I know I did since I didn't want audio over my TV speakers and home theater surround at the same time.
Just tested HDMI cable to my old samsung 46" DLP and sound worked fine, though video was not the best =)
Hey! There is no problem getting audio through HDMI whether it's docked or stand alone. Do it all the time. A Netflix HD movie even carries DD 5.1. Works fine for me. Check your connections and settings.

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Took this expensive thing back because almost every time I used it I had to restart my phone because the camera would not initialize after undocking...annoying. Other than that, the phone, in general, seemed kinda glitchy after undocking.
The smart thing to do of course is to power it down before unlocking.

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When I am watching videos through mxplayer or moboplayer, sound will be heard through my TV. But sound from google music or watching video through YouTube did not pass through the TV. Instead, sounds came from phone speaker.

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New cable? Mine doesn't do that, every sound unless on a call or Skype the sound comes from my TV, the dock is under warranty if u got it from Verizon

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Sometimes in the settings of your tv there is an hdmi option for sound and asks to choose "analog" or "digital" should be on digital. Just might help idk it helped on my laptop to tv! Ahah goodluck though

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