My Droid X and HTC Comparison.


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May 23, 2010
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Which Droid?

I have had the HTC Incredible for a couple of months now and I love it more and more. The honeymoon does not wear off; the phone is what I have always wanted. This phone has awesome free Google TURN BY TURN Navigation that is as good as a Garmin GPS for free. AT&T charges $3 a month for an inferior version. I routinely use it as my MP3 player, navigator, and talking all at the same time and it transitions between all of the functions seamlessly as you would expect it too. The Apps are amazing and overall the experience is "incredible". The browser is the best I have seen. One thing it does better than an iPhone is snapping articles into a usable font size into the center of the screen for perfect reading. Safari doesn't auto center the articles the same way. And the phone is actually a good easy to use phone, which is something that is not guaranteed with Smartphones. Since I drive and travel a lot for work the Verizon network is my best option for actual calls.

We got my wife the Droid X as she wanted the big screen and keyboard even though she has small hands. The Droid X is huge and I prefer the Incredible for size. I actually never hold a phone to my ear anymore. If I can’t use my Bluetooth earpiece I don't answer the phone, so theoretically I would be fine with an X, but I do keep my phone in my Pocket and the Incredible fits nicely.

I set the X up for her last night and the Motorola version of Android OS seemed much more difficult to setup as the menus have extra steps the HTC doesn't have. The HTC Sense Software on top of the Android OS makes the phone much more presentable. The X is more like an iPhone with just app icons on each screen. That lack of ability to customize your screens is the only thing I really don't like about the iPhone or I might have gotten one. On the X as with any Android phone you can add and change widgets to make your pages look cleaner and display usable information like the weather, clock, and calendar agenda in real time, but the HTC widgets are the nicest and best looking in my opinion. The browser bookmark scrolling on the Droid X is pretty sweet and maybe better than widget I am using on the Incredible.

There are many ways to sync music with iTunes including apps, but I just plug it in and drop my selected folders from iTunes onto any folder on my SD card. It doesn’t matter which folder, the phone will find the songs and organize them in the player. It will also download album art and lyrics.

Speed wise the phones are identical. Both phones are running Android 2.1 and both phones will be getting 2.2 shortly. That will give the HTC Incredible 720 video recording. I doubt I will ever use HDMI out so that would not cause me to get the X. But the Incredible does have TV out capability. I just transfer videos and pictures to my computer with a cable, email or placing the SD Card right into the reader slot. The screen on the X is easier to see outside, but I have managed to take several videos with my HTC in bright sun with no problem. However, occasionally I find myself repositioning to get a better shot, because the screen reflects too much sun.

We haven't tested battery life yet on the X, but it is supposed to be superior here. With any Smartphone you’re going to need to learn to manage your power usage. I actually haven't had an issue with the Incredible. It took the battery about 10 days of use to break in. If you use light data you can make it through a day even with heavy talking. But data and WiFi use will burn the battery in just a few hours. I am guessing if you have a WiFi connection you probably have a plug nearby so plug it in. If your away from home turn off WiFi!!!

When I am on a bike ride or am going to be away from a plug and don't want to have my phone battery disappear, I turn off WiFi and Bluetooth and even with the GPS on and listening to music it hardly burns the battery. I did buy an extended battery for the Incredible ($20 on eBay) that fits in the same cover as the original but I can't tell a difference between that one and the stock battery now that they are both broke in and I never switch batteries except for testing purposes. But it is nice to have the extra battery for emergencies.

So, if this will be your first smart phone or you are upgrading from a Blackberry, you will love any android phone. The X and the Incredible are the best out right now on Verizon for sure. I prefer the HTC but size is the biggest difference, the other details are tiny. If I was going to be watching movies or something I might get the X. So get the one that suits you. With either phone you will finally not have iPhone envy and may actually have a more usable phone than the Apple owners.

UPDATE: I am really loving the screen on my wifes phone and her battery life way better than my incredible. I also heard for gaming the GPU on the X is better.