Small Form Factor Droids


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Apr 5, 2011
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What is the chance of smaller Droid phones coming out? I have a Droid Incredible, and I absolutely love everything about it except its battery life. All the other phones that recently came out/are comin out (Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, Droid Bionic, HTC Thunderbolt) are 4.3" size phones. The Incredible's 3.7" size is perfect, and I would like to see higher-powered phones in that size out. I had a chance to get the X for free, but passed it up in favor of the Incredible.
The Incredible 2 and Droid 3 are both supposedly going to have 4" screens, everything else is going to be 4.3". It looks 4" inches is the closest you're going to get unless you want to upgrade to a Droid 2, which wouldn't much of an upgrade from the Incredible.

I agree with you though, I never felt like my Droid's screen is too small. Everyone else I know seems to have a 4.3" and it feels huge.
I don't think the Droid 2 would be an upgrade at all, except maybe in battery life. It would be a downgrade in everything else, although I do like physical Qwerty keyboards, the touchscreen works just fine and makes the phone much smaller.
I have to agree with you. The HTC Incredible would be perfect if they could make the battery last twice as long.
I know this is an old thread, but I had the SAME question! I just "upgraded" to the Dinc 2 through sight unseen, and my jaw dropped when I pulled the behemoth out of the box! I called Verizon right away before even pulling the wrappers off! :(

Basically, I gave the new Dinc 2 to my son (who got the $30/unlimited plan while it's still available, so that was nice), and kept my original Dinc. My son has these big giant man hands and loves the Dinc 2, so I guess all's well. For him. :icon_eek:

The Verizon lady was really nice and understanding, but basically told me never to break my Dinc because it's the smallest phone out there (not including feature phones). Oh, and get this: IF you break your Dinc, you get a Dinc2. :icon_evil:

(I'm tempted to try to get some Dincs from eBay to have as replacements; I cancelled my phone insurance since I don't want a Dinc 2.)