my 8mp droidx camera takes horrid pics


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Dec 12, 2010
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Ok guys I am new to the smart phone and definitely new to droid, but I am not new to cameras. Done some time shooting professionally early on.
I may be missing something here , but my droid x camera , with 8mp capabilities takes pictures about the same quality as a throw away box camera. I have tried all the settings, auto, steady hand, etc, changed the resolution from 5 to 8 and back again. the pics are not at all sharp and many are blurred, no matter what setting.
My 5 mp cannon blows this away. Now maybe I am expecting too much from a phone camera, but why push the fact the camera has an 8mp camera if it can't take quality pics.
My wife has droid x too, and same with hers. Is there a software update I am missing. :icon_evil:
Its a limitation of the lens quality. The only pics that look decent are outdoor in bright sunlight.
thanks Cr, quick reply. I actually was wondering just that. So far , seeing thats its Christmas eve, I was using the camera indoors with flash shots. Most of them are grainy, and just plain bad. gotta tell ya I am very disappointed to see the results , especially after seeing the size of the cameras resolution. I was ready to ditch my canon since I would be carrying an 8 mp camera with me disguised as a phone. Be nice if Motorola indicated the camera should in no way be expected to replace even a mid level 5mp camera when used indoors under low light requiring flash. Funny thing is I was trying to see if I had left a protective plastic lens protector over the lens . when I found out there wasn't one mood changed back to gloomy.:icon_evil:
It's a combination of things. Consider the optics in the camera phone versus a real camera. There's a reason why SLR lenses are so large. There's also the matter of the sensor itself. Larger sensors tend to be more sensitive.

Resolution isn't the only thing affecting image quality. Don't make the common consumer mistake of assuming that more MP means better image quality. More MP only means more pixels. I have a 0.3 (yes, 1/3 MP) camcorder that can take better low light photos than my Droid's 5MP camera but the camcorder has much better optics and 3 CCD's each much larger than the Droid's sensor.
.3 mp is dvd quality. 3 ccd cameras will always beat single sensor setups.

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Finally people who know that MP do not equal quality

edit: Champers beat me to it. Funny, I was trying to figure out a way to write out the equal sign with the slash going through. Your way never occurred to me
Buy Vignette from the market. Its awesome.

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Honestly , I don't know what I expected from the droid, but it was more than I am getting so far. I love the phone, just dissapointed in quality of pics.
The camera was not a deal breaker by anymeans, just dissapointing.
My first forray with seeing the pics a camera phone could take were looking at a friends I phone where he had alot of pics of his family. The pics I saw on his phone were very sharp and the sharpness of pics actually surprised me. I belileve many of the pics were taken outdoors , so that may account for sharpness. I plan on taking some outdoor shots with driod and then looking up my friend and compare pics . I will make sure I compare apples to apples then and see how his indoor flash shots look. Appreciate all the feedback
Well I see its been explained rather well already. Just to add, using flash seems to make things worse on this device. Embrace it. Love it. You own it now.

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One thing people don't realize is that when you keep upping the megapixels, and try and cram all of the sensors and necessary hardware in that small area on a cell phone, what you ultimately get are very noisy pictures. Thats why people who only look at megapixels are often disappointed. The iphone 4 is 5 megapixels. Lets say all the hardware is equal (its prob not), the fact that the iphone 4 doesnt have as many sensors and whatnot crammed into that small space means its going to take better pictures. Then you have to factor in other camera components.
Also, bear in mind that the phone itself will not display full resolution pics the way the actually look on the phone...the screen real estate isnt large enough.

Another thing/s to consider...make sure you have the camera on the proper setting/s for what you are trying to take pictures of. If you set it for Auto, then dont be surprised when an outside night shot is not perfect,,,the camera in the phone can only compensate so much. To make the pictures better, go in and set the phone up for outside and night time...see if that makes a difference. If you want to take detailed, up-close pictures, make sure you are in Macro Mode...not Sport Mode.

Biggest thing to remember though..this is first and foremost a phone...everything else is just an additional task tacked onto the phone...its not surprising it doesnt take Canon SLR quality pics...
you got that right , embrace it ,y0u own it. lol.... another thought, is 1.5 days a normal time for charge on the droid. seems to loose battery life quickly. Not using navigation or surfing the web that much, so am curious if there is something I am missing that is draining the battery so fast.