Music Player Question


Nov 9, 2009
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When I ripped a CD and synced to the Droid, the album songs were categorized alphabetically and not by track number.

Anyone know a way to make the Droid Media Player see the track number instead? (besides 3rd party install)

Reason being, sometimes I like to listen to an entire album, especially a new album, from beginning to end the way the artist(s) intended. Like if you listened to Pink Floyd The Wall in alphabetical order it just wouldn't be the same.

When you RIP the CD have it name the files as "track number-track name". I used to have software that let me name the ripped files by track number only. You have to make sure you keep the files in the album name folder though...
If you want different sorting options then what is available in the stock app then use an app that offers the features that you want. Most music apps are going to use the tag data. Find an app that sorts albums by track number or gives you the option. Don't be averse to using other apps -- that's one of the strengths of Android.