Music player plays when a call comes in


Feb 27, 2010
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Never saw this before. When i get a call on my bionic and answer it the music player starts playing music from the playlist through the bionic earpeice. I am not using any bluetooth either. This just started out of no where and i cant figure how to fix this. Major problem!! Any suggestions !!! Please help

Seems to be playing the ringtones from the alarms folder. I have already pulled the battery but is still doing this

FOUND OUT WHAT IS WAS...... A APP CALLED "EASY ANSWER BUTTON" IT ACTIVATES THE MUSIC PLAYER. Funny thing is i had it installed since yesterday and this started happending just now. Anyway this app apparently does not work with gingerbread. So FYI for anyone who was using it wit their original droidm GET RID OF IT!!
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Well I don't have a Bionic YET but my OG Droid would play music in background during a call if I was listening to it when someone would call. I thought right when I pick up the call it would drop the music but instead played it n the background kinda like how navigation does when ur on a call.

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