Dont see all my songs in the stock music player's library on 235! Why??


May 31, 2012
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In the “my music" player when i look in the library there are only like 10 of my mp3s listed! I have well over 100 mp3s on my phone in various folders. So whenever i want to listen to the other songs i have to go into the files app and go into the folders the songs are in to play them.

I tried putting the other songs in the folder that the 10 songs that show up in the library are in but it still only shows the same 10 songs in the library. I also tried downloading another music player app and it had the same issue.

Is there a way to fix this?? The music player in GB showed All my songs in the players library. This is just annoying.
Somewhere along the line many of my songs disappeared as well. I loaded my entire itunes collection and had access to all the songs. Then one day only a portion (not sure of %) of the songs were there. That's with any of the players (stock, mixzing).
Create a folder on your external micro-sd card called 'Music'. Copy all your mp3's into the folder. You should see them in your music player unless they are drm'd.