music library is now in folder mode only


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Jan 27, 2011
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In the process of being musically obsessed and trying to locate an app with an equalizer to run separate from any specific player and run support with pandora, mog, & such, i've now converted my entire music library to folder format from where songs were downloaded. My poweramp player was worth all 500 pennies, but today i cannot access thru library mode. Only folder. Near panic attack. Apparently songs are still on sd card but only playable thru folder from where they were downloaded/ wiz....ayal....gtunes...imusic....etc. Admittedly ive been trying to use astro file mgr to do some 'rearrangement'. Possibly this is the culprit since i still have no idea how to utilize astro. Please help!!!!restore by album, song, artist, etc. How do i perform this arduous task? Bonus thank yous for info on eq app not attached to a player. Plz give me guidance.
- 37 yr old rookie

Not sure whether this will help. But, you can go into the settings in poweramp and rescan folders. You can also from the same menu manually point poweramp to specific folders on your sd card. I have mine set up as music/artist/album/songs.mp3.

In this format I have full functionality to search sort etc. And I also have songs/albums that were downloaded via amazon that were moved into the directory structure I posted above, with no issues.

As to the standalone equalizer, I have not searched for new ones, but there is/was one called DSP which some roms contain (if you are rooted). You might check market or google (web) for the dsp application to see if it is available anywhere else. I have an older version 14, that will install and standalone, but it is older code.