Music player changes tracks by itself


Mar 2, 2010
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Vacaville, CA
Did a forum search - but search is all screwy and brought up any post that exists with the keywords... bleh

Running D2 Gingerblur leak - should be irrelevant - this happens no matter what I'm running.

I have recently discovered that when I am listening to music, regardless of application, if i pull the phone out of my pocket, or out of the spot it sits in my car, or just plain old moving it around from time to time, it will switch to a different song without the screen on or me doing anything.

I am currently using Motorola's Connected Music Player. Original Music.apk is frozen, no other players exist on here.

Same issue with the original Music, Winamp.... anything.

Perfect example, just now I had set my phone to play music from a specific artist. When i went to put the phone down, it totally switches artists and started playing Breaking Ben... screen off, no button interaction - NOTHING.

I've searched everywhere for an answer but I'm at a loss...