Multimedia dock charges but does not put phone into dock mode


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Nov 26, 2009
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Okay - experiment done! My droid, plugged into my Apple G5 Tower USB connector, while sitting on MIKRADLE dock, does NOT sleep. It has stayed charging now for well over an hour without sleeping - same as if it were plugged into my AC charger.

So - not sure why Garyhesq does not have the same results. Something is different here. MIKRADLE dock is utilizing the original USB cable that came with the phone, so his Dock vs MIKRADLE should have no difference. I'd say it must be something with his phone. Or.... my USB is plugged directly into my USB2.0 connection on the computer - full power. Perhaps he is not plugged into a full power USB connector (such as into a keyboard or monitor usb connection)? This could be the answer. Waiting for his reply.


I was using the front USB port on a newer Dell PC. Is the Apple USB power output spec the same? In any case, once I get it at my home it will be plugged into a wall so it's not an issue for me.
Same here - front panel USB connector on my MacG5. I was not aware power output varied on front (1) and back (2) ports. I'll have to check this out.