Multi Problems w/ Droid Incrdible HTC


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Jan 5, 2011
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My husband & I got 2 Droid Incrdible HTC phs on Fri, Dec 31, 2010. I’ve been having issues with my ph from day 1...
#1 Unable to Fully Sync w/ AOL mail. After adding my AOL account, the ph it allowed me to see my email messages but when I tried to send a message, it would say the account was not setup. OR after removing/re-adding the acct it allowed me to send msgs from the ph but when I tried to adjust the settings to change the sync frequency it would give an error message.
#2 Extremely Short Battery Life. After charging the ph overnight-at least 8hrs-the battery would drain constantly after only minimal use--like maybe after only 2-3 ph calls and trying to get the ph to fully sync with my email account—no internet usage, no games, no txt msgs, etc. My husband on the other hand, who uses his ph a lot and who has several apps running, says the low battery indicator has NEVER appeared on his ph. Whattha?
#3 Difficulty Unlocking. Intermittently, I have to drag my finger down the screen several times before the ph unlocks.
#4 Lost of 3G Signal. Yesterday, I spoke with a Verizon Cust Serv rep about all the issues I'm having with the ph. After a remote reset & several attempts the e-mail sync issue seemed to be resolved BUT somehow I lost my 3G connection.
#5 Data Usage. After less than 5 days of very minimal use of the ph, it appeared that I had already used 79MB of my allowed 150MB plan. Even though I don't have a lot of apps running and I’ve used the Internet from the ph about 8 times-tops. You can really tell from the ph that the internet may be in use. Even while the ph is in sleep-mode, some apps continue to use the internet. And the final straw, I'm taking the ph back TODAY...
#6 Unable to Pwr the Ph On. Yesterday after speaking with the Verizon Rep I manually the ph off in hopes of getting my 3G signal back and to "save" all of the settings changes she suggested in order to help with the battery life and minimize data usage--the phone will NOT PWR ON. This is ridiculous!